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What apps to use to edit your pictures?

Would you like to know what apps you need to get for the perfect picture for your Instagram? Well, you are in the right place, lets get to it.

1. Faded: This app I believe you have to pay for it. But it has so many nice filters, and if your picture isn't in the square size it will give you the white background so you can add it on Instagram. Very convenient so you don't have to use the other app. 

2. PhotoMirror: With this app you can do a double of your picture which I think it is very cool to do to make your picture pop and give it something different. 

3. Afterlight: If you know Kylie Jenner from the Kardashians, she uses this app for some of her pictures. It kind of looks like the other app Faded but this one is for free. 
4. FaceTune: This app has different details you can have in your photos to improve them. Wherever there is an imperfection, this app will be the one to fix it.

5. VSCOcam: This is another app that has incredible filters, and it has different tones for your pictures. You will really like it. This one is one of my favorites.

From all the apps that I have try, these are the best ones of all of them. But, sometimes if you just want to bright it up, just try on your Iphone and play around with the edit bottoms and give it a bit of bright and black point. It will enhance your pictures just the way you like it, I promise. Well so the secret is out. <3