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Merry Christmas Eve (Holiday Look #3)

It is Christmas Eve, and I can't wait to open up my gifts tomorrow morning! Tonight is the usual evening gathering up with the family and have a good time <3 I hope you enjoy your day, and be safe!   | SHOP THE POST |

Leather Finest

It might not get as cold as I would like it to be here in Miami, but it doesn't mean I can't wear a leather jacket for those "cold fronts" we get. | SHOP THE POST |

Holiday Look #1

Hello everyone, and welcome back or should I welcome myself? I know I haven't post lately, but the weather here in Miami hasn't been the best which has been impossible for me to shoot. The only time I am able to take pictures is during the weekend, and the past few weeks was raining nonstop. On a good…

Goodbye Fall

Fall is officially over, and winter is here to stay for a while. I mean not in Miami, it is very windy but it has not gotten cold at all. While, in other places like Chicago is snowing insanely.  | SHOP THIS LOOK |

5 Do's and Don'ts

Let's have a chat guys! This is some serious business. (lol) I am not an expert at making my pictures the best but I do know what looks good and what doesn't. I would love to give a few tips to those bloggers starting brand new in the fashion blogging world. Let's talk about 5 do's and don'ts …