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If you follow me along on Instagram(@lauriir18) you know that I attended New York Fashion Week for my very first time. It was such an exciting experience, and I will be sharing with you some of the shows I was able to attend. Today I will be sharing with you two of my favorite shows from my stay. 


I was very excited to see this collection since a very good blogger friend of mine told me how great her runway shows are. However, I was sitting front row when I was admiring every single new piece for the fall collection. I fell in love instantly with runway shows after Taoray Wang. In this fall/winter collection, I noticed immediately that black, brown, and army green would be a big hit for this year's fall/winter season. As well, I suggest you to keep gathering more velvet pieces because we will be seeing them throughout the whole year. Taoray can be characterized as luxurious fabrics that add a little touch of masculine with feminine. While seeing the designs in person you can feel an edgy feminine vibe that makes you feel sexy, stylish, and elegant.  


If you watched Project Runway, you might feel like this name is familiar to you. Well, Leanne Marshall was one of the winners for Project Runway. After her big victory, she decided to move to New York in which she has then frequently had many shows during fashion week. Her line is a signature of bridal dresses. Also, her design shows elegance, sophisticated, and very feminine. During her show, I noticed how she was focusing on metallic grays and light gray. Her designs were breathtaking and the color of the dresses had a unique which is why I love them so much!

10 New Year Resolutions for 2017

Let's welcome 2017 with our main goals for the rest of the year! I wanted to share with you 10 of my new year resolutions for this year. I believe we might have some in common, and maybe I can encourage you to join me in a few of them. Let's make this year the best, alright?!

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1- Be organized
As many of you saw in my last Instagram picture, I bought a small rack which has helped me a lot to be more organized. I usually make a mess in my closet trying to figure out what to wear during the week. This rack I mainly use it to hang the clothes I would like to wear during that week without having to go to my closet and make the usual mess.

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2- Read a book a month 
I don't even remember when was the last time I read a good book. Recently because of school my mind has been everywhere and I never get to sit down and relax while reading. So I decided to change that this year and at least read 1 book a month or if I find something short that I can read in 2 weeks I'll read another one. It all depends on how busy this semester will be but I can knock out one book at a time. If you have any good recommendations that you've read before, leave me a comment I'll love to read your recommendations.

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3- Travel/Visit somewhere I've never been to (not necessarily out of state or country)
You'll laugh at me if I tell you I've never been to a few places down here in South Florida such as the Everglades, Key West, Naples, etc...Yes I know that's crazy right? Well this year I decided to change that and actually enjoy what's out there that my own city provides. Of course, I will not settle for less because I am planning a few trips out of state as well and even out of the country! But mainly for the mean while I will be visiting some of these places that I have never had the chance to enjoy. I think this could be helpful for you to get out there and learn more about your city. I feel like we always settle for the same thing over and over again and we never get to enjoy the other things they offer us. I hope this encourages you to visit and go out as much as you can! Sometimes you don't have to spend a whole chunk of money somewhere to relax instead you can visit somewhere in your area that's very popular without having to ask for days off or waste a lot of money.  

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4- Eat healthier, and stop temptation towards junk food, work out
Let's be honest, this is in everyone's new year resolution but we must try it out. I don't eat so bad but I do feel very tempted every time my boyfriend goes out and buys junk food which makes me just order myself a number from the menu. I want to stop that, and I want to work out/exercise since I sit down in the office for multiple hours without doing much. This is something I have to schedule in my daily routine.

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5- Provide greater/unique content in the blog
Yes of course! What's better than to bring newer ideas to the blog and change it up a bit here and there. I want to schedule myself into posting more constantly, and give you guys more content for you to help you out. As well, starting to record videos on Youtube and do more vlogs.

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6- Schedule everything I have to do
I totally need this! Not only for school but also for the blog, events, etc. I tend to forget a few things and I know that making myself a schedule that I can guide myself through it will help me have more time to finish things and dedicate more time to myself.

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7- Take care of my skin
I don't always take out my makeup before falling asleep, I don't always use moisturizer, I don't always use chap stick. I am currently in my 20's and I've heard this is the time to take care the most of your skin. I want to have a bed time routine in which I will always do before going to bed and every time I wake up. Investing in your face skin is the most important thing you can do.

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8- Spa day twice a month (nails, facials, hair - monthly)
My nails are not always done, and I take for ever to cut those ugly split ends. So this is something I want to invest in at least twice a month.

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9- Study and stay with a high GPA
I can't stress this enough but studying and acquiring the highest GPA for this year is my main goal. I am currently in the honors level and I want to go even higher.

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10. Have more family time and with friends
I barely see my friends even though I keep in touch with them, most of the time I tend to lack in visiting them or hanging out with them. Also, time with family is important!

Life is short, and we are not perfect but we should always try to better ourselves. Share down below some of your resolutions for this year. I would love to see your goals! Much love, and till next post!

The Ultimate Guide For Your Wardrobe Spring 2017!

spring 2017

Hello there gorgeous. I know we are starting a new year and you must be asking yourself what should you buy in order to be in style for 2017. I am helping you by bringing you this ultimate guide for your wardrobe this year. Isn't that amazing?! Here you will have all the new trends for the SPRING SEASON. I hope you are ready to start shopping because what you're about to see will make you fall in love. Everything is under $50 (except for 3 pieces that I added) Other than that, everything is super affordable that you will not say no. Time to shop and be in style for SPRING 2017!  


Hola preciosa. Se que estamos empezando un año nuevo y me imagino que te estas preguntando que hacer o comprar para estar al estilo este 2017. Te voy ayudar trayendote una guia para tu armario este año. Maravisollo verdad? Aqui tendras todas las nuevas tendencias para la TEMPORADA DE PRIMAVERA. Espero estes lista para empezar a comprar porque todo lo que vas a ver te va a enamorar. Todo esta debajo de los $50 (excepto 3 piezas que agrege) Aparte de eso, todo esta super asequible que no vas a decir que no. Es hora de comprar y estar en estilo para la PRIMAVERA 2017!



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Rose Pleated Skirt


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