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Sequins/Fringe + Thanksgiving Ready!

Are you guys thanksgiving ready? Because I am and this outfit is making me look and feel fabulous! November is about to end and December starts in 5 days, time is really flying. I still can't get through my mind that is thanksgiving already.  | SHOP THIS LOOK |

Fashionably Late

Believe it or not, this is my very first time wearing an outfit with just black colors. As the shirt says "Fashionably Late" It might be right ;) | SHOP THIS POST |

What to wear for the holidays?

Hello my lovely ladies, I have been so busy studying for so many tests in the same week. I am so stressed, and I haven't even been able to take new outfit pictures. All I can think about is buying clothes and thanksgiving dinner coming up. (lol, what an excuse ;) Well, recently I found out about this website ca…

Keep fighting!

October keeps going! Keep fighting! October isn't the only month breast cancer should be aware about. I believe, it should be all year long. These women are fighting every single day to keep going. And we should totally help them and support them in any way possible. I will be wearing my cute little necklace f…

Party Skirt

I am obsessed with this fringe skirt! I've seem it everywhere, and everyone is totally rocking it.