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What to wear for the holidays?

Hello my lovely ladies, I have been so busy studying for so many tests in the same week. I am so stressed, and I haven't even been able to take new outfit pictures. All I can think about is buying clothes and thanksgiving dinner coming up. (lol, what an excuse ;) Well, recently I found out about this website called Apparel Candy. This store sells wholesale clothing in a very large amount of off prices for their customers. With such an incredible quality, you can get a big quantity. Apparel Candy buys large quantities of good clothing and sells them either in a unit price or in a pack of 6. This also includes their jewelry. Yes, they have a wholesale jewelry. Which the pieces are so gorgeous and delicate. You can't believe how inexpensive these clothing is, you are going to want to buy it all. Everything is so stylish and on trend! I decided to give you some ideas on what to wear for the holidays coming up, since usually every time when we buy clothes for the holidays we tend to use them just once. This store is a good idea to not spend too much money on a one-day wear outfit.

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These dresses and the jumper are absolutely stunning. I tend to wear dresses for the holidays and just go all out. My favorite one from all of these is the black and gold dress. It seems very holiday appropriate if you are deciding to go out with your family. By the way, can you believe all these dresses are less than $10. And if you are willing to give a gift to one of your friends, you can totally buy the pack of 6. Starting December I am going to start my Holiday outfit dresses, stay tune <3