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Sneaky Snack

Many people are afraid that by eating more they will gain more weight. It is the way around: Eat more, weight less. Do not sacrifice by not eating snacks to cut your calories. JUST STOP. It is very important to fill your body with few snacks in between meals. Muchas personas tienen temor al comer mas van a subi…

Maintain weight/Lose weight --- Diet Tips

Let's be honest, pizza, soda, burgers, fries, ice cream, cookies, chips, donuts are incredibly delicious. I am a big fan of them! And sometimes is very overwhelming when you start feeling all those yummy foods into your belly. Few pounds, here and there start accumulating. YUCK! Well, I am not the healthie…

10 Must-Have Handbags to Shop

Absolutely in love with these handbags. Can I have them all? :) From $36 to $200 my all time favorites for spring. Also, let me tell you how the bucket bags are now in style. I want me some ;) I am weak for purses, if I can get them all I will. Click on each picture and you will be directed to their website. &a…

Monochromatic, Complementary, and Analogous Colors

Hello everyone, here are some basics to when it comes to color matching your clothes. Last week I did a speech on this topic in my classroom so why not give you guys some information as well. :) Hola, les tengo algo basico para cuando quieran combinar colores con su ropa. La semana pasada tube un discurso sobre es…