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How to wear: Plaid Pants

I have seen every single plaid pants and I didn't want to give in but I did when I walked into Marshalls last weekend with a price tag of $12.99! It was a TAKE IT or REGRET IT - Thankfully I made the right choice and now I am here giving you 2 different styles on how you can combine this plaid pants for yo…

The Secret Mascaras for Voluminous Eyelashes

Ever since I started blogging I have been able to have the chance to try many makeup products and I get to tell you the one that is REALLY WORTH THE HYPE! If I see myself running back to a specific product is because not only did it sell me but it did the job! Thankfully, I do have full long lashes but nothing …

Self-Confident ft Body Details

Us girls have so many insecurities that we wished everything could just be fixed by a snap of our fingers. However, one of the most uncomfortable things I have been able to fix it by doing laser hair removal . Not only does it help me feel more confident about myself but I can wear anything I want. I us…