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The Secret Mascaras for Voluminous Eyelashes

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Ever since I started blogging I have been able to have the chance to try many makeup products and I get to tell you the one that is REALLY WORTH THE HYPE!

If I see myself running back to a specific product is because not only did it sell me but it did the job!

Thankfully, I do have full long lashes but nothing better than having a nice mascara that provides a voluminous and dark eye look without having to do fake eyelashes.

I have heard good and bad things about doing eyelash extensions which is why I have never been sold for those. There's also eyelash lift and those have actually work on people close to me but the process only lasted them 3 months and it hurts the pockets.

These are my TOP mascaras that DO work and have made my eyelashes full, thick, and voluminous.

I felt completely in love with this mascara. 
It actually smells like roses and the way this 
mascara bend is a DREAM comes true 
to get those hard sections of your lashes!


Anything Maybelline mascara is a 
MUST for drugstores. 
The way they work with such a 
great value in price has made 
one of my favorite. 
Currently, I do not stop using the Push-Up Angel.

I used this one as a sample and EVERYONE
will tell you to splurge on this mascara
 because of the way it pushes your
eyelashes up is UNIQUE!
It is worth every single penny!                         

Many times I have always used their samples 
because their price is really high for mascara.
However, they do the JOB.
 If you don't have good mascara that
doesn't give you the push with even the tools 
this is what you need in your LIFE!


  1. Everybody Hates Chris sometimes bores me because the jokes aren’t so funny anymore but i still watch it all the time, do eyelashes grow back?

    1. Of course they do! They are many products to help them grow, I have not tried any yet but I know for a fact Amazon might have some good ones.



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