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Self-Confident ft Body Details

Us girls have so many insecurities that we wished everything could just be fixed by a snap of our fingers.

However, one of the most uncomfortable things I have been able to fix it by doing laser hair removal. Not only does it help me feel more confident about myself but I can wear anything I want. I used to be so afraid of wearing non-sleeve tops because I knew my underarms didn't look as appealing as anyone else's. I would get ingrown hair and since I would shave the hair would grow back so fast while giving it a dark shadow around.

Then, I started doing wax but it was so PAINFUL, mainly because I had so much hair in my underarms (it would hurt so bad) 

But I decided to take in the pain because the results were so much better than actually shaving. However, I hated the fact of me having to wait for someone to do it since I would do it at home with some products that you can microwave. 

Every time it would be so painful I just had to stop - this is when I was able to partner with Body Details and I am so excited to tell you about my change and confidence levels.

Everyone is so afraid of how it could be painful or dangerous but they tell you how everything is. They have many precautions and any questions will be answered if you have any.

When I decided to choose my underarms as the designated area I thought about all the tops I could wear without being insecure. My confident levels rise up by just one session! The process was super fast - I was actually in the Body Details location for less than 10 minutes. I walked in, did my procedure, and I was done!

I actually went during my lunch break and I was surprised at how fast everything was. The laser was not painful at all. It is like a small pinch every time and it would go away. It took the physician less than 5 minutes for both arms.

Two months after:

After my first procedure, I can see that the amount of hair I used to get isn't as much as it used to be. I do not have any ingrown hair and I am able to shave normal without having to feel ashamed of how my armpits look because the first procedure was done and the hair took a long while to grow.

Now, my next appointment is on Saturday and I can't wait to see the results after! 

I will make sure to provide you with before/after to show you how worth it is! If you are still debating in doing it - first try to do a consultation with Body Details and they will take it from there!

If you want to check them out here's their information: