Boho Fall Look

I was sooo lucky I was able to take these pictures, since it was pouring raining Saturday here in Miami. Usually, it rains then it stops out of the sudden and then the sun comes out like nothing happened. Lol #Miamiproblems

| Dress: c/o LucLuc | Fringe Jacket: c/o Yoins | Necklace: Mirina Collections | 

I am so excited because yesterday I attended to this blog meet up that South Florida Bloggers do every single month. It is a great way to meet other bloggers around the area and of course interact with them. This is a passion all of us have and instead of competing with each other all we have to do is support each other. If you are from Miami, try to attend to their meet ups, they are always super important for those who are starting. Follow them on Instagram @Southfloridabloggers

Onto this outfit, I have been into this boho/western look lately. Do I know why? No, I don't even know lol. But, this dress is a MUST HAVE! It is a dress for those of you that like to throw on a simple outfit and give it any type of style you want to. So, fringe is everywhere. I bet you guys are dying to get everything fringe since you can find it in every outfit nowadays. This jacket can be worn with any piece you want and give it the style you want. Not so long ago, I became a brand ambassador for this company called Mirina Collections, which is the necklace I am wearing in this post. Isn't it gorgeous? I've fallen completely in love with it, I am wearing it everywhere I go. Go to their website and check out her collection, as well I got a code you can use for 20% off. CODE: Lauriir20


Estoy super alegre porque ayer atendí a un meeting de bloggers que South Florida Bloggers hace cada mes. Es una manera muy buena para conocer a otros bloggers y claro charlar con ellos. Esto es una pasión que muchos de nosotros tenemos y envés de estar compitiendo el uno al otro hay que ayudarnos. Si estas en Miami, trata de atender a estos eventos, siempre es muy importante para aquellos que están empezando. Encuentralos en Instagram @Southfloridabloggers

Hablemos del vestuario, he estado vistiéndome mucho así, me preguntas porque? Ni yo lo se. jeje Este vestido tienes que tenerlo! Esta super barato, y la tienda tiene envio a todo el mundo gratis, si quieres comprar algo de la tienda el enlace es Ahora se esta usando mucho la chaqueta que tengo se como le llamarías a la chaqueta con este estilo pero en muchos lugares le dicen "franja". Esta tienda llamada Yoins <> esta solo por $17.95. Tiene una calidad muy buena por el precio que estas pagando. No hace mucho me volví embajadora de una marca que se llama Mirina Collections, el cual es el collar que tengo puesto. Es bello verdad? Si quisieras obtener uno, usa mi codigo: Lauriir20 para que puedas ahorrar 20% de tu compra. 



  1. Love love love fringe!! :)

  2. Just gorgeous!

  3. I'm glad it stopped raining long enough for you take these pictures!!! Your outfit is so cute!

  4. cute and glad you got to get some photos in! =) Here in CA, we could definitely use some of that rain! Even if that means missing out on some photos hehe

  5. This outfit is such a lovely combination. Love this set! Simple and modern, and at the same time so chic!

    Diana Cloudlet