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Interview with Naturally Far Out

I was able to interview this lovely new blogger in the making. 
Go check out my interview on her blog :) 

1. What is your name and the name of your website?

My name is Kierra. The name of my fashion blog is Naturally Far Out. 

2. Why did you decide to pick out that name for your blog?

The way I got the name is kinda of random. I just thought what I like most about myself which is having my natural crazy hair and wearing natural makeup or no makeup at all. I enjoy being weird and standing out in the crowd. So that is how I came up with the "Far Out" part. Put it all together and I got the name Naturally Far out.

3. What inspires you every day to keep on blogging?

What inspires me is:
- Other bloggers on instagram. It is so nice to encourage and be encouraged by others that you don't know. Overtime you become friends and collaborate and work together. It is an awesome way to network and always feel apart of the big fashion community.
-My boyfriend also inspires me every day to keep blogging. He and my mother take my photos and they are my biggest supporter when it comes to keep going. 

4. How many goals have you reach since you started blogging?

I have reached many goals and I plan to reach many more as the months go by. A step at a time is how I take it. 

5. What will be your goal before 2015 ends?

I can't really say that I have any goals before the year ends. Of course I work my hardest and am always pushing myself toward excellence. As long as I'm learning and growing with every blog post, every collaboration, all social media platforms, and so much more I would say my goals are being met already. 

6. Who and what encouraged you to start your own blog?

I would say my friend that also picked up blogging, she told me all about it and how she was getting free clothes (oh my gosh for free) and so much more.I always thought blogging wasn't for me. I wish I would of started years ago now that I look back. Where would I be now if I started 3 years ago? I've always been into modeling but I'm to short to be a top model so I thought why not model my clothes on my own blog and it is totally acceptable that I'm not 6'0 + and 110 pounds.

7. Explain, what is your style like?

I don't have a set style. I have always been this way. I love all clothes, all colors, and all combinations. As long as I think I look good and feel good while wearing it I'm satisfied. I was the first kid at my school to wear skinny jeans when they first become popular again. I did indeed get weird looks but I also got a lot of complements. Standing out is a must when it comes to fashion. People always come to me when it comes to outfit ideas and combinations which I love. Helping my friends out with their fashion is a lot of fun.

8. Are you up for any trend?

I'm up to any trend for sure, I love them all. 

9. How far do you want to go in the blogging career?

All the way BABY. Go big or go home I say. I want my blog to grow and become a success. 

10. Any advice for those girls wanting to become bloggers but don't know how? 

Do your research. Ask bloggers how they do it. Recently, I had a girl on instagram ask me advice on how to start a blog. It was so awesome that someone asked me for advice and I love giving advice to others. You have to keep an open mind as well and not get so wrapped up on how many views your blog is getting and how many followers you have on social media sites. Worry more about your content and your photographs. It's all visual when it comes to most social media websites. The many thing is to have fun and let things happen as they happen

Naturally Far Out
Instagram: @naturallyfarout


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