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Gift Guide for Him & Her

Valentine's is around the corner! Do you have any idea of what you're getting?
If not, I am here to help <3



It can be frustrating when it comes to buy something for guys right? Well, I am here to make your life easier girls <3 I did get everything from lowest to the most expensive gift you can get, so you decide if your boo deserves it or not ;) 

1- The Million perfume is absolutely amazing for guys! Most important when you want to make sure they smell good at all times.
2- A wallet is a MUST! Many guys hate to buy wallets for themselves. You will always hear this when you gift them one, "I was in the need of a need wallet, thank you!" So, think about it.
3- Beats people! Every guy's dream is having beats headphones. But if he already owns one, skip this one.
4- Guys love to hear loud music, so why not gift them a pair of wireless speaker. They are able to take it to the beach and anywhere. They are wireless for a reason. 
5- The apple watch is a big trend right now, and if you think your bf/husband/boo needs one and will really use it then go ahead and surprise him with one. They might deserve it. lol
6- I gave my boyfriend an Ipad for Christmas and I doubted he was going to use it, but boy I was wrong. He uses it every single day to watch movies, do school stuffs, and do work assigments. 
7- A pair of nike shoes! Guys love to be comfy all day long, and sporty. A pair of nike shoes is an ideal gift for a guy. :)



Okay, so if I can ask for all of this in one big gift bag I would. But here's a few things you can get her <3

1- A cross body purse is very ideal for girls since we don't always want to have a big purse around. Michael Kors is a very recognize brand with affordable prices. 
2- Pompoms! It has become the biggest trend to add a pompom to keys and even purses. 
3- Another brand that every girl is loving at the moment is Tory Burch. A wallet is an important item of a girl's purse so you can also get her the purse ;) lol
4- Movado watches are all time favorite right now. A gold watch is a must, you can get her one but doesn't have to be Movado. 
5- Girl's love their guys to smell good right? I believe guys also like your girls to smell good. A Chanel perfume is the answer. They will last all day long and who doesn't want Chanel?!
6- If you can't get her a Chanel perfume, then why not a Chanel lipstick. They won't hurt your pocket if your budget is low.
7- I agree on Iwatch for the girls too! ;)