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Interview with Chick to Chic

Hello my beautiful readers, I had the chance to talk to this lovely lady named Tory, I am very glad my blog has been a great source for her since she's a new blogger. I wanted to thank her so much for featuring me in her blog, and for being so nice. Please check her blog, and follow her around. 

1. What is your name and the name of your website?

Tory Foster and my blog is called chick to chic

2. Why did you decide to pick out that name for your blog?

I decided to use this name because at school I'm just a normal chick and once I leave and go out in the real world I tend to be more chic. 

3. What inspires you every day to keep on blogging?

Blogging keeps my mind off of things. I've had a lot of rough patches in my life and the only thing that has been consistent even through those times is my love for fashion. I've always loved to shop, pick out outfits, help people get ready for parties and find new trends. Writing about it just gave me a way to do it more consistently. 

4. How many goals have you reach since you started blogging?

The first goal I accomplished was just starting one. I always wanted to start but I kept putting it off or I would make one and not be pleased with it and delete it. I got 500 views total in my first week which I think is pretty awesome considering those 500 views can't all be from my family and friends.

5. What will be your goal before 2015 ends?

My goal is to be comfortable and confident enough with my blog to share it with everyone I know instead of just a few people. 

6. Who and when encouraged you to start your own blog?

I think I was first inspired to get into fashion in general by Rachel Zoe. I can't remember how old I was but I know the minute I saw her show on bravo and understood what her job was I was inspired. I had never heard of someone getting to style other people as a job and pretty much ever since then I have wanted to do something in fashion. I was inspired to start a  blog when I was watching the E! show Rich Kids. Morgan Stewart the owner of boobs and lobs really just showed me how much can be done when you have a blog and how far it can go. 

7. Explain what is your style like?

My style includes a lot of neutrals. I wear a lot of black  because in general I think its just an easy color to work with and there are so many options. I tend to keep my closet full of basics from stores like Forever21 because I can add accessories to dress them up or down and just cause there are more options of what to do with them. I buy most of my clothes from Forever21 because there stuff is cheap but also really cute and trendy and when I cycle out my closet (which happens a lot) I don't feel guilty about how expensive it was. Because I don't spend extensive amounts of money on clothes I am able to have more expensive purses and shoes.  I feel like nice purses completes an outfit and who doesn't love an expensive purse? Just like my clothes I like my regularly used handbags to be in neutral colors so they go with a lot of outfits. When it comes to clutches I like to have a variety of colors.

8. Are you up for any trend?
I am willing to try most trends expect the ones that are potentially harmful to myself or others. 

9. How far do you want to go in the blogging career?
I would love to go very far with this blog and become well known in the fashion community. I would also like to inspire others to start blogging. Since I haven't seen a lot of other teen bloggers out there I would love to be the person who shows other teens you can be young and still be a successful blogger.

10. Any advice for those girls wanting to become bloggers but don't know how? 

GO FOR IT! Even if in the end you don't think this is your thing at least you will know you tried and experienced it. I didn't know how and I am still in the experimental stages but it was worth doing it really helped me as a person.