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Girl boss

If you are a girl boss, raise your hand! <3 


Who runs the world? GIRL DOES! Haha, Happy Monday, I don't know why but I feel very excited that today is Monday (very rare) I guess because since it's spring break and there's another mini vacation coming ahead for me. Then that might have me with a mood change. <3 Life is good you know and I am very happy. 2016 is my year I feel excited for many things coming ahead. I might blog as a part timer but I am my own boss when it comes to my blog. Blogging has its ups and down, sometimes I just want to quit and move on, but then I remember how far I have gotten. The real reason is that sometimes it gets overwhelm, so much work to do and such little time. But I love it! How gorgeous is this beautiful top with huge red flowers? I wanted to wear it different and give it a casual look instead of a very sophisticated, so I pair it with this light blue jeans and some wedges that I recently purchased from Michael Kors. One of my favorite things about these wedges is that it makes me look so tall! <3

¿Quién manda el mundo? Las MUJERES! Jaja, feliz Lunes, no sé por qué, pero me siento muy emocionada de que hoy es lunes (algo muy raro) supongo que porque ya es vacaciones de primavera y se hacerca otra mini vacaciones para mí. Talvez por eso que me cambio el humor. <3 La vida es buena sabes y yo estoy muy feliz. 2016 es mi año me siento emocionada por muchas cosas que vienen por delante. Que hermosa esta esta camisa de flores rojas enormes? Quería darle un look diferente y darle un look casual en lugar de muy sofisticado, así que lo sincronize con estos pantalones color azul claro y unas plataformas son recién. Una de mis cosas favoritas de estas plataformas es que me hace parecer tan alta! <3