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Beat The Gym - One Year Celebration

Happy Thursday! I am so happy you are back to read another blog post of mine. Today I will be sharing my experience that these hardcore pictures are all about. Keep reading you might get sweaty during the process while looking these pictures.

Two weeks ago, I was pleased to attend the very first-year celebration of Beat The Gym. I have never ever in my life attended such an exciting event like this one, and I have never worked out at the beach with many other challenging teammates. As you can see in the pictures above these trainers are the real deal, and they do not play around.

For each workout position, they will encourage you to finish the complete exercise. I frequently go to the gym and I thought I was going to be prepared for these type of workouts. Once we went to the beach it was when I realized I wasn’t as strong as I thought I was. From doing some very weird positions all the way to the finish line to jumping, and squatting all at once. After finishing each exercise I was incredibly sore which I was surprised because everything we were using was our body weight. What I liked the most about Beat The Gym was that by seeing everyone else just keep going made me challenge my inner self to not give up. Usually, I will just give up and give myself a reason not to do it. Besides that, the trainers will just push you harder by doing the workouts along with you and everyone else missing to complete the workout.

I was very happy that I was able to experience such different environment other than the gym. A beach workout is very intense, but they also do workout sessions at the park and they want to add many more places to train with friends and teammates. This event took place at Miami Beach, and they currently do workouts around the same area. I also have very exciting news for those of you that will like to join this community of intensive trainers that want you to achieve your goal. They will be soon launching group workouts in different neighborhoods in Miami! If you want to keep up with everything that they are doing follow them on Instagram and FacebookBeat the gym or it'll beat you! Till next post.

*This post is sponsored by Style Collective and Beat The Gym. All opinions are my own*


  1. This is such a great review Laura! I wish that I could have joined you down there. :)
    xo Annie

  2. This seriously looks awesome. I would of loved to join and plus it is on the beach and i'm sure it wasn't easy.


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