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A day in Vivid Face Spa

Hello there gorgeous! 
I wanted to talk to you about how important it is to visit a spa every once in a while. Technology has become something that beauty relates on the majority of the time. However, I try my best to take care of my skin as much as I can, we all know when you are in your 20s aging becomes a problem. I was reached out by Vivid Face to enjoy a day for myself and experience their newest laser facial treatment.

I have always suffered from dry skin - mostly in my face so this opportunity was something I didn't go to waste. The very first moment I walked in, I felt super welcomed and they treated me right away. Everything was very explanatory and the treatment was pain-free.
The main point for the laser facial is to stimulate, restore, and reduce. It stimulates collagen, as well it restores your luminosity, and it reduces pigmentation.

As soon as I walked out of the spa, my face was very much moisturized and it's been that way since then. I barely use a moisturizing cream and I have noticed my pores to be tightened. The process was super fast - no longer than 20 minutes. So if you are a busy lady like me this can work for you if you don't want to spend a whole day at a spa. Since then, I haven't worn foundation as much as I used to do. It has lightened, tightened, and restore everything that my skin needed. A day in Vivid Face is a MUST! 

Visit them and check everything they offer because I am sure you'll be interested in their services.