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If you follow me along on Instagram(@lauriir18) you know that I attended New York Fashion Week for my very first time. It was such an exciting experience, and I will be sharing with you some of the shows I was able to attend. Today I will be sharing with you two of my favorite shows from my stay. 


I was very excited to see this collection since a very good blogger friend of mine told me how great her runway shows are. However, I was sitting front row when I was admiring every single new piece for the fall collection. I fell in love instantly with runway shows after Taoray Wang. In this fall/winter collection, I noticed immediately that black, brown, and army green would be a big hit for this year's fall/winter season. As well, I suggest you to keep gathering more velvet pieces because we will be seeing them throughout the whole year. Taoray can be characterized as luxurious fabrics that add a little touch of masculine with feminine. While seeing the designs in person you can feel an edgy feminine vibe that makes you feel sexy, stylish, and elegant.  


If you watched Project Runway, you might feel like this name is familiar to you. Well, Leanne Marshall was one of the winners for Project Runway. After her big victory, she decided to move to New York in which she has then frequently had many shows during fashion week. Her line is a signature of bridal dresses. Also, her design shows elegance, sophisticated, and very feminine. During her show, I noticed how she was focusing on metallic grays and light gray. Her designs were breathtaking and the color of the dresses had a unique which is why I love them so much!