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Marc Jacobs #CoconutGlow Review

Hello gorgeous! Thank you for passing by. I received so many great feedback from this highlighter and I saw that many of you would love one. I was surprised how expensive this product is but I wanted to give you guys a feedback on how amazing and worthy it really is.

Every time I have had a highlighter it has been in powder which I completely love. However, I feel like you have to do so much in order to really get that glow going. When I received this product I was completely in shock because really I thought it was a foundation. I am not the savviest when it comes to makeup but I really try my best.

When I did a drop in my hand I realized that it was too much after reading the instructions. Funny thing I just swatched it in my hand and I am completely mesmerized by how glowy it was and let me not forget how amazing it smells. I didn't want to waste the product so this is how this picture happened. (LOL) - after me trying to figure things out I get the hang of things and I became an expert in highlighters. Like really just one simple small drop does the job with this product which is why I said above how worth this product really is. If I start thinking to myself for every small drop I do and the barely amount of time I would really use the product, which I would only use for an event, special occasion, or just wanting to glam myself up will really be enough for you to really last you over a great amount of months. I mean in my opinion I don't really do a full glam make up every single day but if I do - believe I will make sure I am glowing all day everyday.

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.