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3 ways to relax before going to class #ToneCollege

Either you are attending high school or college/university I know how stressful it can be. Currently, I am taking 5 classes during this semester (yes, I know I am crazy) But to be honest, it isn't going so bad - I am actually pretty excited because this means I could finish my career no later than my summer semester. There are many different things I do before going to class and studying in order to relax and conquer those A+ in all my assignments. 

Ways to relax before studying/going to class

1. Tone Body Wash:

OHMYGOD! This stuff is good stuff! The scent of this body wash is heaven. Not only do I feel clean but I smell sooooo good. This one, in particular, is called Mango Splash - it contains extract of mango, papaya, and cocoa butter. Doesn't that sound like heaven? This moisturizing body wash leaves your skin like a baby. After all, taking a shower before getting ready for class or just staying in to study does not only makes me feel like a baby using this body wash but I tend to concentrate more and I have more time to myself. For the price of this huge bottle ($2.99), it sure is good stuff. Us, college students understand that saving money is a priority but you can't let this one pass! By the way, if you currently going to school and you would like to receive great discounts from Tone #CollegeCrew make sure to sign up at this link: College Crew

2. Burn a candle:

Not just any candle, burning these two candles in specific:

  • Aromatherapy (Relax)
  • Aromatherapy (Stress Relief

Every time I sit down while doing homework in my bedroom I am burning one of these two amazing candles. It makes the room feel cozy, as well as, it gives such an amazing scent all around. I am currently looking into essential oils - I've heard they work way better than candles so I am really thinking about it. I saw one of the diffuser at Marshalls and they have a great variety of oils which I wouldn't mind to try. If you have the essential oils diffuser and you are currently into it, please comment down below how it has worked for you.

3. Schedule everything:

This is by far the best way to stay up to date and have an idea of everything you have to do during the week/month. It reliefs my stress and anxieties since I know I won't be missing anything that is due. This particular calendar I found via a blogger friend of mine which she suggested to buy. It has adorable stickers at the end which you can play around and use on it. This one is from Michael's - I know Target and Marshall's also carry some amazing calendars which you can get before school ends!

And this is it! I really tend to feel way better after I do all of these steps and getting myself ready for school. If you do something, in particular, that is different than mine - don't forget to share with me in the comment section below! Much love, till next time!

This post is sponsored by Tone and Find Your Influence but the thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.