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2017 Resolutions I did not complete

Happy New Year! 2018 is the year for growth, process, changes, and so much more. I wanted to do a fun new year's blog post so here I confest what I didn't complete during 2017. I hope you enjoy this post and soon I will post my new 2018 resolutions. This is the original post if you want to read it first 10 New Year Resolutions for 2017

1- The very first resolution I had set myself was to be organized. I did however became more organize after the rack that I bought from Wayfair. Although I created some changes such as instead of my latest purchases I decided to add my work clothes and have a easier way to reach to them every single day.

2- The next resolution I had was to read a book a month - This was such a failure and I did not complete. It was impossible to recreate myself by reading a book since school really takes a lot of time from my free time which I could say the only books I read were the ones assigned by my teacher to complete assignments LOL.

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3- The following resolution was to travel anywhere. I am happy to announce this one was completed (kind off). I was actually able to travel to New York once again and I went as a first timer to NYFW. I also made a trip to Key West, like I had mentioned before I had never been there and in 2017 I was able to go. I was also able to go to Orlando a few times. Now I am missing from the places I mentioned before such as Naples, and Everglades.

4- Eat healthier/work out. This is something we all set ourselves to achieve. However, I can say that I did ate healthier than previous years and I worked out majority of the time. I was able to keep my weight but I do want to achieve a healthier weight which 2018 will be the year to complete this goal.

5- In 2017 resolution I mentioned to provide greater content. I feel like I did great in this aspect since I was able to create my first Ebook and it received great support from all of you!

6- Schedule everything. I am happy to say I made this a priority and now I can't live without scheduling my tasks. It helped me a lot with school and made it possible to be on top on my assignments.

7- Take care of my skin. I didn't completly do this resolution but I did made sure to get a few facials and used a few masks with creams. However, I did not do it frequently which I need to change.

8- Spa twice a month. This only happen when I did my facials but a spa to relax and enjoy a full free time I did not complete.

9- School prioritizing. I am very proud of myself which this was something that I really wanted to stay consistent. I am graduating April and my grades can speak for themselves.

10- Family/Friend time. I was able to enjoy some of the minimal time I had to spend with my friends and family but I do know school took majority of my time. However, I feel like this will only change completely once school is out of the way.


The meaning of this post is to show you that regardless of every goal we set ourselves not everything will be completed and that's okay. Never discourage yourself from your resolutions. I believe doing short term goals are the most important because they will be completed within a more realistic way of things.

Keep creating your goals! You will get there regardless!

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Much love and Happy New Year! Cheers to many more!