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The life of a blogger ft. WhoWhatWear

Hello - welcome back to another blog post! This time it is a little different, something I have never really done for my blog and I am so excited for you guys to check it out. Although, this isn't the first time I collab with other bloggers this is actually my first ever lifestyle photoshoot I have ever done.

I mainly focus in fashion and beauty style which when I decided to collaborate with these ladies it became so realistic how much effort and time you really consider to create your vision while the real behind the scenes of what undergoes in these photoshoots.

We all had a vision from our beautiful Pinterest boards but it wasn't until the real day that we realized we had nothing but a white sheet and champagne! LOL. It was super duper humid, mosquitos everywhere, and we even had to jump a fence to get to this spot. Mind you we were all sweating and it wouldn't stop raining but we were lucky enough it was just sprinkles here and there.

My point here is there was not once we wanted to give up - we kept working styling our picnic area over and over. The motivation we had to make our vision come to real life was more than what we expected (thanks to me for the last minute styling props LOL)

Blogging is all about struggles, acceptance, hard work, and most importantly devoting your free time to create content.

To be honest with you I wouldn't change it for anything - networking and getting to know new people has created a long-lasting friendship with bloggers who I can call friends. This is why going to events and meeting the bloggers around your area is super important. Not only would they motivate you by inspiring you but they will encourage you to keep going and advice you on anything you need! Remember the blogging community is all about supporting each other, does not matter how big or small you are - we are all working together to get somewhere to make our passion a dream come true.

For this picnic styling, all you need is a white sheet and a nice basket which you can find one in Macy's (it is on sale so grab yours NOW) They are so easy to use for the beach, the park, camping, anywhere you go!

My dress is brought to you by WhoWhatWear - It has many details and one of the most important things it is so flowy it goes with anything. One thing I did notice is how big they run in size so my advice to you always go down a size or two if you can for their clothing. However, the material is one of a kind and you can find their collection in Target or their website!

One last thing before I go - If you are a blogger in the Miami area make sure to shoot with @mediabyanna she is one amazing soul and as you can tell look what she is capable of accomplishing with her photoshoots. She has an amazing Blogger Package to get you started into shoots for your Instagram, blog, or company!

Estephanie - @estepanie_820
Frances - @thefransan

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