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3 different ways to style a silk scarf

Who isn't in love with a beautiful silk scarf? I am! (*inserts girl emoji raising her hand here*) This beautiful silk scarf is from C'est Mode Chic, seriously I love this new trend and I can't wait to keep wearing it. So I decided instead of just making a simple outfit post, why not just give you 3 different ideas on how you can style it. There is so many different ways, but these are my top 3 favorites. 

Style number 1

This style is very common and easy to do. This scarf is so versatile to create and style with different type of clothes. You can even tie it around your purse. Just fold the scarf all the way, wrap it around your neck. Make a knot around it while leaving some part of it hanging. 

Style number 2

This is a second way of wearing it. Just very simple over the shoulders type of style. If you are wearing a shirt in which you don't want to show your shoulders, back, or chest then you can wear it just like this one. First, make the scarf into a "V" shape put it around your shoulders and tie a simple knot around it.

Style number 3

This one is one of my favorite styles. Very trendy nowadays! Just make a V shape but in an uneven way and start folding it making one of the V's by itself. Tie it around your neck and wrap it around while making a knot in the front. Then hide it under the V and you got it <3

I hope you liked these 3 different ways on how to wear a silk scarf. If you would like to get one for yourself, I have a coupon code for 15% off. This code will expire in 30 days so take advantage. 

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