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5 things you need in your handbag

Hey babes, so let's get personal with this blog post. As girls, you know our bags need to be stuck to us at all times. You must be asking yourself, Why? Well in my case I put everything in my bag. Everything that I can (Seriously). That's why I love big purses <3 Not so big though. I find it necessarily for a girl to have these 5 things in their bag, just because as important as they are to me, they should be important for you too.

Numero 1: All girls have to smell amazing at all times. So, why not add this beautiful tinny perfume from Victoria Secret Bombshell in your bag, which is great to carry on since it smells amazing! Us girls are always running around, and a good sense of smell can tell so much about us.

Numero 2: Next thing would be cream! I mean if you don't want to be ashy all day, or have ugly elbows then that's on you. But, a quick secret is guys love soft hands ;)

Numero 3: Ladies ladies, a pair of sunglasses is a MUST in your handbag. First, it is great to look stylish at all times, plus it will help your eye sight and it will also prevent you to get wrinkles when you are trying to tolerate the brightness. I will be wearing for now, my Prada sunglasses from +shopDITTO.

Numero 4: U by kotex tampons are a life savior, because they are so small to carry around and they have so much color to it! You don't want to have an accident and have nothing with you (Always carry them with you). I find these tampons to be the best ones from all the ones I've tried before. Don't forget your U by Kotex tampons EVER again. There's a 15% off below to beat that period! #periodpower

Numero 5: Us girls always have to smell good, I already mentioned this before but we need to smell good EVERYWHERE. So, I use SweetSpot which is a 98% natural and it is gynecologist tested and recommended. Plus, can I mention how amazing this vanilla blossom smells. (OH LORD)!! Also, how incredible is this product created by women. #Whoruntheworld - GIRLS does<3

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