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How To Prepare For NYFW + Email Template

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I can’t believe it is the month of August already. Just yesterday I was attending NYFW during the month of February while freezing my life away. I received an incredible response from my past blog post for New York Fashion Week and I decided to create a mini ebook in order to help you for the upcoming show. We are literally one month away. Are you ready? How ready do you think you are? Do you have your email set and ready to send? Have you organized all the emails for you to pitch? If not, do not worry I got you!

That’s right, I have gathered a mini guide just for you with everything New York Fashion Week for the month of September 2017. There are so many incredible things that will help you get organized and you will have such relief since I made everything the easiest way possible in order for you to have the best use of this guide.

If you already have your flight and hotel booked, this guide is for you. The following will be the menu instructions of everything that is inside this guide.

1.   Welcome
2.   Table of Content
3.   Email Template
4.   All emails from the NYFW September 2017 Calendar

I worked really hard to make this the easiest way possible because I know how MUCH hard work it is for all of us to gather such information and I wouldn’t want you to miss anything at all. I can’t wait for you to have such great event and do not forget to contact me with any inquiries. I hope to see you around!

I am not responsible from emails returning back or their existence. Everything provided in this download was gathered and searched from Google where the list of emails was found from each designer and their websites. Others emails have been gathered from the website where they provided them in some of the designers information. There will be no refund towards your transaction. The intention of this download is to help every blogger/editor attending NYFW and collecting all the information in one place in order to organize and schedule the shows ahead. The charge from this ebook goes to the dedication of gathering all the information for everyone who downloads. It is up to the PR and brand's companies to accept your invitation, Twenty Teenz does not guarantee entrance to the shows. This download is only available for bloggers/editors and upcoming bloggers going to NYFW. After the shows, this will no longer be available. Ends: 9/18/17

This Ebook is currently unavailable. Please check back during next season of NYFW.
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