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What I wore for Miami Swim Week

July was such a crazy month for me. Other than the fact that I was in finals during the week of Swim Week, I had to turn in so many paper assignments and do final exams while trying to attend to all the shows. I was able to enjoy 2 days of the crazy chaotic shows. Valet parking was on top of the roof and traffic was horrible! Literally, the same week before the shows I bought all the outfits and then I realized on Thursday how none of my shoes fit any of the styles I was going for. Don't you just hate when you buy something new and you can't seem to match it with anything else you have at home?

I was on my way to Nordstrom when I realized they closed the store early because of the Anniversary Sale going public. Long story short I needed shoes that night because there was an event happening the next day. I slide through Macy's which was about 20 minutes away from where I was. When I made it to the store they announce that it closes in 15 minutes (RUN LAURA RUN) Literally! I was able to find the shoes I am wearing in this shoot. I was able to find some great deals at Macy's mysteriously. I even found some Marc Fisher for $70 (originally $150).

The next day at night I decided to wear this outfit and these shoes. I am lucky enough to find parking a block away and this is when I realize it wasn't a good idea wearing new shoes and walking long distances. I also forgot to mention I had to get the pair that was on display because the pairs that they showcase have been worn, yes, I know but the ones brand new from the boxes were so tight in the front and remember I felt like they were "comfortable" so I went for it plus you receive 10% off for taking the display shoes so why not?

I was so smart to bring band-aids in my purse because as soon as I walked for about an hour these bad boys did not believe in comfort. The heel wasn't bad it was all the blisters I got. From the back to the front toe. OH BABY JESUS! It was so bad I wanted to leave or be sat down at all times. If you were to ask the girls I was with it was the funniest thing ever. I am surprised I didn't bleed. I know I always have to learn the worse way but this was an emergency. When I wore them for this shoot which was last weekend, luckily, they didn't bother at all! I was able to walk like a human, but in the front, they did rub a little so I guess I will have to keep wearing them out after maybe the whole Macy's has. Wow, this was longer than the essay's I write at school. I hope you enjoyed my little crazy funny story. Xo