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5 Fall Hairstyles Ideas for College | ft. Herstyler 5P Curler

Who is excited about the fall/winter season? I can't wait to wear bold lipsticks, cozy sweaters, and my favorite boots. Another great thing I love to do during fall/winter season is doing all my favorite hairstyles because as we know Miami humidity isn't playing and this is the only season when we can actually enjoy good hair days. The following are 5 fall hairstyles ideas you can use while attending college by achieving these great looks with the 5P curling iron from Herstyler.   


Many of you loved this hairstyle while I did the behind the scenes on my Insta Story. I added a bold lipstick to make it fall appropriate. This look I created it with the 32/32mm barrel curler to achieve these amazing wavy curls. I added a 4 string braid strand from @justbraydzbychaya. It created such an easy look within 5 to 10 mins max. 

We all know we have those days when we surely do not want to do anything but creating a nice side ponytail could help those bad hair days. While rapping your own hair to cover the elastic and curling the pony with the 25/25mm curler. Leaving a few strands in your face and curling them creates a well put together hairstyle. Adding beautiful statement earrings is a must!

Now to the fun part - Those times when you have those extra minutes, create some bouncy wavy curls with the curling size 18/25mm with the pointier end. Adding a little ponytail at the front would give it a more fun style. 

If you are just like me late at all times (which I know it is a bad habit). Creating a sleek side curl makes such a classic hairstyle. I pulled all the hair to my favorite side and added one of the products from Herstyler to add the sleek side and for it not to move while using 25/32mm barrel to create soft waves.

Call me crazy but I have always wanted to create such look like this. Believe me, it takes soooo much time so if you were to do a really crazy look like this make sure you have enough time to do so. It made such a statement since I either wear straight hair at all time or just a little soft waves so doing this look was so much fun! This one is a 9/18mm barrel and I will keep doing this look since it was one of my favorites. 

I know it is such a hassle to create all these hairstyles for class but it is so easy to just do this in a max of 10 minutes. Looking your best while being put together throughout the day will not only make you feel beautiful but it will last all day long making it such an easy way to transform from any event you might have during the whole day.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by HerStyler and ShoppingLinks but the thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.