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How to manage a part time blog with a full time job and school

Photos by: Angel Rodriguez

Time management is the most important aspect to acquire when you want to take in the most of your time. In today's post, I will be talking about how I implement blogging within my FULL TIME job and FULL TIME school classes. Even though, the blog isn't fully my income I would say it is more of a part-time side hustle for me. It isn't impossible to do everything at once but I do believe it has to do a lot with the type of job you have and the way you are taking classes. This is what has worked for me and I hope to inspire you into organizing your time within my every day tasks. Let's jump right into it.

  • Currently, I work a 9-5 in an office job which is very slack and helps me out a lot with the things I need to do with the blog. Many individuals think a 9-5 is boring and it isn't for everyone. However, I love my job and I enjoy every single aspect of it. I make sure to always read my emails right when I make it to my job. I try to respond as many as possible before I start my shift - from negotiations to even publishing a blog post. I find it very helpful to catch up with my email bright and early in the morning instead of letting them all pile up during the day. Remember the majority of the brands and PR companies are working the same hours as if you work in an office so while replying as promptly as possible it will help receive faster responses and lock in a great negotiation!

  • I focus on Instagram during my break hours. This means I will engage as much as I can with my audience by replying to comments and also liking and commenting other Instagram users. When do I post? Ever since the algorithm, I do not have a time frame to post so it varies. Depending on my workload at work if I have the time to create and post I will do it in the morning. I rather focus on posting pictures when I go home since I have time to engage with my audience before posting which this will increase engagement for your own picture.

  • Instead of posting whatever I want I always try to plan my feed with this app called Preview. Whenever I take pictures I just get them all together and try to develop a feed style in order to stay cohesive. 

  • I bet you are asking yourself, what about school? Well, I mainly do online classes - I do take one class on campus here and there but I really enjoy taking online classes because it helps me have more free time. All homework assignments are done every single night. Currently, I am taking 5 classes (Yes I am crazy). But thankfully I do have perfect grades and everything is going well so far. 

  • I try to finish all my school assignment on the weekdays in order to have Saturday and Sunday off for any blog related content. Depending on my photographer schedule either Saturday or Sunday I focus on shooting outfit posts. For other blog campaigns, I will focus the next day to take the rest of the product pictures, etc. 

I wouldn't say it is impossible to create a blog when you have so much going on. I can give myself as an example that YOU CAN DO IT! It all depends on the time you devote to it and how bad you want to keep going. Even though I do this for fun, hobby, or as a side hustle, it has helped me connect with so many brands I never thought I was able to work with, and mainly creating a new friendship with fellow bloggers. This is an important business where all your dreams and ambitions can become true if you really work hard for it. 

I hope this post helps you out with creating a time management for yourself. Of course, every situation in each life could be different but this is how it has worked for me. All I can say manage your time, enjoy life, and do what you love!

If you have any more tips for others please do not hesitate to comment down below! I will love to know what you know in order to manage your time with blogging or your business :)


Laura - Twenty Teenz 



  1. Gracias for this! Time management is something I want to get perfect especially for the blog.


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