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How to double your email list subscribers

Many people tell you to add to your do-list for blogging such things like email subscription. I added it from the very beginning but you start to notice not many subscribe or are interested. This is because they either get bombarded by emails every single day or they don't really enjoy what you are sending so what they do is unsubscribe or they are never interested in doing so. At the beginning, I had told all my friends to subscribe and I would send emails every time a blog post would go live. I was stuck with the same subscribers for a while and during the time I started seeing others subscribe here and there because they liked what they were seeing but it felt like it wasn't enough.

One great way to double your email list subscribers is by creating amazing freebies that your audience will take advantage of. You might ask yourself if you don't know: What is a freebie? A freebie is an e-course or file that you create providing information about a topic for free in exchange for a subscription.

My very first freebie was when I had visited NYFW for the first time and in the blog post I gave 5 tips for NYFW and I created a freebie giving out a few emails to the designers from the season. Since it was a hot topic during those dates I received such incredible feedback from it. I will say it is one of the most visited blog posts I've ever created and people seem to really enjoy it. Providing advice to those in need will not only help you but they will learn from you. Giving out my tips as a first timer in NYFW created many other influencers to be interested in the topic.

You don't know how to create one or share it with your audience? Here's how:

All you need is Microsoft Word

Everything I created was from Word, it was very simple. I really didn't want to take too long on it but I know those who have more experience will go all out providing photoshop creations. If you aren't such tech savvy like myself I will recommend you to do this.

Always save as PDF

Yes! PDF will not change the way you created your layout. This means whatever you created will stay in the same way you saved it as. If you save it as a normal Word document this will most of the type make a huge mess that you won't even understand how?


This is the email subscribe website I use. It is very easy to use and you can create a separate list for your freebie so it doesn't get mixed up with your normal subscription list. This also helps when you want to introduce yourself to your new audience. You can refer to them by letting them know how they subscribe and you can keep it short and sweet by adding a poll with what kind of emails they want to receive. I hate those who send email after email I literally unsubscribe right away. So after a month of receiving your highest response from your post send a short 'about me' message for the new audience to get to know you.

Share everywhere

This helped me out so much when I shared my email list. If you have Facebook this is your chance to gather the most of your traffic and join blogger groups in order to advertise your freebie. There are so many groups that you will be in shock! If they like your topic, believe me, they will go sign up. You can gather any audience you feel like you need in order to get your freebie to shine.


This is another great source to advertise your posts. Creating a picture with your detailed post title and pinning to other audience will create a huge traffic to your blog post!

This is it! I really hope you enjoyed this post - Let me know if you have any questions regarding your email list!


  1. These are some really great tips! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and I'm so glad that you website is back up and running!


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