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How to get accepted into RewardStyle/Liketoknowit

Believe me, I know every blogger's dream is to be accepted into RewardStyle (Liketoknowit). I remember when I received my acceptance email I literally jumped everywhere because it made me feel like I was going the right way like I was doing things the right way as into my blogging career. However, as much as I know how much you would love to know how to be accepted there are a few tips I can tell you in order to get into this platform as soon as possible.

Do not worry about followers

You do not have to worry about how many followers you have because they only really care about your quality. The quality of your pictures plus the many outfit posts you are incorporating into your Instagram/Blog is what really matters. 


If you notice when you are filling up the application you can tell it asks you how many times you upload. My advice is before you decide to apply make sure to be consistent between your blog and your Instagram for at least 2 to 3 weeks in order for them to see the quality and consistency you are providing your followers. They want to know how much content you are providing and how frequent you are giving out these outfit posts. 


The best way to get into RewardStyle is by referrals. That's right - if you know someone who will provide you with a referral in order to get into Liketoknowit do not be afraid to ask. This is a great way to get in faster since the application goes in through easier when it comes from a Referral who is a blogger who has been working on the platform for a while. I have referred so many incredible ladies and some either decide to first work on their blog/Instagram before being referred and others just give them a shot right away. There are so many ladies who have gotten into the platform a week after their application was referred by me. 

  • If you are interested in me referring you - please leave your full name, email, and website in the comments down below! 
  • I will make sure to email you directly letting you know when I submitted the referral and to check in if you received the application with a few extra tips to get in faster. 

If you really want to monetize your blog/Instagram this is the first platform to do so. Many bloggers receive a huge percentage of income from being on this platform and we really recommend for everyone to get into RewardStyle. Plus, there are so many great chances to be featured on their Instagram which has an incredible audience and this can totally help you out to get out there. 

In the meantime...

Do not bring yourself down if you don't get accepted right away...It happens. Sometimes it isn't the right time or sometimes they aren't accepting people at the moment. So my suggestion is while you are either waiting to be accepted or you were rejected for the first time just dedicate yourself to become better at what you are doing. Believe me, the first time I applied for Liketoknowit I never received a response from them for about 1 year no rejection or acceptance. This is when I decided to give it another try and they accepted me right away. 

But I did not let my guard down. In order to provide my audience with the items I was featuring I joined ShopStyleCollective - This is another platform which works the same exact way and has about the same popularity as RewardStyle

  • You do not need to apply or be accepted
  • It is a Pay Per Click and Commission platform
  • Works the same exact way as RewardStyle/Liketoknowit 
  • Great for starters
  • Monetize by just one click
The best of both worlds right!? 

I will be more than happy to hear from you and I will be glad enough if I can help you out if you are really looking into being accepted to RewardStyle. Time is money so do not waste your time! 

Much love,

And until next time. Xx



  1. Hi there My name is Lisa Gesualdi. I just read ur post and it is so encouraging. I applied a few months ago and was rejected. I really want to be accepted. Please check out my blog. It's fairly new. Honestly not sure if blogging is for me. My blog is and Instagram is @lmgesualdi. Please contact me at thank you so much!!!!😘

    1. Hello gorgeous, I am so glad you found this post helpful - however, I will make sure to contact you in order to help you get accepted!


  2. Hi I love your blog! I have been blogging now for over a month and believe I am ready to apply to liketoknowit. Any tips/advice and a referral would be greatly appreciated! I love blogging and hope to do it full time in the future! My name Is Gracelyn Vaal, email is and website is Thanks so much! Can't wait to hear back from you (:

  3. Hello - My name is Krissy Potucek and I just submitted my application and wondering if you could help with referral? My website is my IG is @krissy_Potucek and my email is Your blog about this was super helpful Thank you!

  4. Hi there,

    I wanted to reach out in regard to getting a referral for liketoknowit.

    I want to continue producing content and acting as an influencer for the brand, Aritzia.

    I have some strategies I would like to implement and would love to run it past you.

    Please let know if you have any time.

    Thank you,


    IG: Victoriaemmma

  5. I am so glad I found you! You are so relatable which means so much to me. I have applied to Reward Style once before. My name is Megan Gadson - IG is @theeverygirl_meg and my email is My website is


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