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Beginning my Holiday shopping with Chevrolet

Hello hello! Happy Tuesday! I am very excited about this blog post - Can you believe Christmas is literally 49 days away?! Where did time go and how can it be 49 days away?!

So in order to get my shopping going and to begin the festivities of November and December Chevrolet lend me their beautiful Equinox Redline 2019 SUV model for a week!

Believe me when I say this - I might end up buying this car! I mean it!

After being engaged for a while now, my partner and I have been trying to look for SUV's for a while now and this came at the right time. My fiance is a car addict and just the fact of him appreciating the beauty of this car seems to make it more believable that he wants it NOW!

This beauty caught us by surprise because I have never seen anything like it on the road.

Many things about this car made me fall in love:

1- It was so easy to use the Push to Start - My current car doesn't have this feature and it makes it so easy to just start your car right away without a key. But it also has another amazing feature where you can turn on the engine with your own KEY - so by the time you get to your car it is already cool down and you know how hot Miami is so this is a PLUS!

2- This car had the AutoStop feature which means the car automatically will shut down without of course shutting down the car. The car does it automatically when it thinks is the time to AutoStop. I did notice when the car doesn't have the A/C on it does the feature more frequently. This is usually a way for fuel efficiency. The car will learn the way you are currently driving and if it needs to autostop it will do it when it needs it. I didn't find it annoying nor did it do it when I didn't want it to.

3- Another incredible feature that caught me by surprise was they have CarPlay which works for iPhone's and if you are an Android user do not worry this car features you to use it as well because it works for Android's :) Best of both worlds! It is called the MyLink Bluetooth. The app is very easy to use and if the car doesn't have Navigation you can use your on Map/GPS from your phone. You can use Spotify and Pandora. As well, this model includes WIFI which means if you are on a road trip and you want to download a movie into your phone you can without an issue - Christmas movies all day long!

4- Siri was very useful for when you get messages and you want to reply - Siri, in this case, helps you by reading the messages you've got and you can reply right away by telling her what to say. I was impressed by how clear and perfect it will catch my response which made it 10 times easier.

5- The space in this car is to die for. It is so spacious you have no idea. I would say for the price this car is I believe it is one of the biggest ones out there. The trunk has an amazing space and the back seats even incline a little for those longer trips.

6- One impressive side about this car was the seats - this is because I have never seen anything like it. They have this cool style of jeans and they are super comfy. It is the denim-style material which Chevrolet thought about a design where fashion meets car. It is more durable and it makes it easier to clean. They call it the Jet Black Cloth Interior for your reference. Their Steering Wheel is fully leather wrapped and it is mounted with audio and cruise control.

7- The rear camera is super clear and the alarm system makes it so much easier for everyone to park by allowing you and alerting you if you are about to hit the car or you are too close to something dangerous. Also, it has the Side Blind Zone Alert in each side mirror which I have never used before since my current car doesn't have it and this makes you feel super safe since you know you won't be missing any blind spots due to the help of this little feature. Another impressive point about their alert system is when you are backing out the car senses any danger from any of the sides by alerting you to stop since there's a car coming from any of the ways with a signal. Last but not least, it also includes Reminders such as "Look back in the rear seat" this is very helpful and the car acknowledges when you open the back door and it reminds you to look back when you are getting out of the car. As we know many people have incidents of leaving their children inside or maybe anything you put back there could be the best way for Chevrolet to remind you before getting out of your vehicle!

8- Let's talk about the style and look of this car - The black rims with this white pearl look are to die for. They included and decided to have their logo in black in this case I think it looks amazing with the style of this car instead of their gold logo. Also, can we talk about the red lines in the tires - I personally love them and it gives them a sporty look which I am so into!

9- The dashboard and the screen are a perfect size 8' Touch Screen- it isn't too big or too small, it gives you everything you need for in the screen. The buttons are super soft and they have a nice touch which makes them look sophisticated and luxurious.

10- Last but not least, let's talk about how fast this car really is - it has a 2.0L Turbo 4-Cylinder 252 Horsepower All Wheel Drive. It is very quick at accelerating and very smooth while on the road. For the case of this car with how fast and big this car really is, I didn't seem to waste too much gas. However, I did drive it to small distances and a few further away and I still used the full tank for a whole week! Isn't that impressive coming from an SUV? 26 City/32 Highway.

I think I have said it all and I am completely in love with this Equinox, if you see me around with this car it is because I actually ended up buying it. I just can't let go of it and I never saw myself being able to drive such big car but with all the sensors, safety, and comfort there is no way I can't say no to this car. I always thought it was going to be impossible to park with this car but it was completely the way around everything made it so easy to feel more like you were doing the right thing. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you want to check any models of Chevrolet make sure to visit their local store for more information.

Photography by: Richard Moran