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October Beauty Favorites

1- It cosmetics mascara:

I received the It cosmetics mascara in my Boxy Charm this month. I was actually pretty excited because I've heard great things about this mascara.

However, as soon as I used it I realized that it does add to a lot of product with just one coat. This might be good for some of you but personally, I do not like to have too much mascara so I repeated this step trying to wipe out some before applying. It does the job by giving you a lot of volumes. Like I said it was a little too clumsy for me but I was able to get around it and get the best of it. For me, the formula was very soft on my eyes. However, I did have a friend tell me it gave her a rash but that could be more personal allergies to her. One thing that sold me was how soft it is to remove - I am always fighting to remove normal mascara while eventually plucking my own which is something I do not want. So this one actually made it easier and super gentle on my eyes! I will continue to use without a doubt.

2- Living Proof

Many people have told me sometimes they do not get the best out of this product but let me tell you. I bought the small travel kit to give it a try. The shampoo and conditioner are pretty good. The hair cream is to die for - that day my hair was looking impeccable and super soft. Also, one thing that I loved about this product was how soft and how good it smelled! If you want to try it out do the same as me and get the travel kit! It is so worth it!

3- Bobbi Brown Palette

I've never owned a product from Bobbi Brown but ever since my good friend Mota Parla from ParlaPinneaple gave me one as a gift from one of her events I fell in love. To be honest, I didn't even want to use it because the natural/neutral colors are everything in life!

4- Pixi Beauty Lipsticks

One of my favorite PR packages is from Pixy Beauty. They sure know how to do everything the best! Recently, I received the full collection of lipsticks and I already had the neutral colors which I use every day. Something that I love is that you can find them at your local Target! They have everything from the brand. I love the smell and how they actually are soft in your lips. They are also matte which gives it a nice natural look. Check them out!

5- IL Makiage Eyeliner

I have a love/hate relationship with their eyeliner. However, I do love it and I don't know if there is something better out there. However, my hate for this eyeliner is that if I create such a thick line it will eventually crease on the top of my lid making a huge mess but if I apply a small thin cat eye it will make it amazing. The brush is super easy to handle which I never used anything like it and it was super easy to get the hang of it. It makes the perfect black cat eye and I am obsessed with it! I know there are better eyeliners but I have heard they are very hard to take off and I do not want that. This eyeliner is easy to just take off without an issue. If you have a better suggestion let me know in the comments. I will love to try one!


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