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Top Five 2018 Beauty Products I will be keep using in the New Year

Isn't it insane how fast the year went by and you ask yourself, what have you really done last year that was really worth it?

On my end, I am pretty much satisfied with everything I did. Otherwise, I know probably I could have done way more BUT that's why we have another year to start OVER. We get to restart and start trying again in order to not give up. Am I right?

However, there are some things you can't leave behind. Falling in love with products or maybe also hating them. In my case, I have so many favorites from last year I want to use them ALL!

Time to give you an all insider of my favorite 2018 products that I will ring in for my 2019!

1. Bare Minerals

I had the opportunity to try the new Bare Minerals Blemish Powder Foundation and to be honest it is something I don't stop wearing for ANYTHING! I love to use it with the primer because it makes it sit for long hours and it helps me with nicer natural skin glow. The best thing is that this product helps me get rid off redness and irritated areas in my skin, controls the T zone, and most importantly; it is free of sulfate, paraben, and much more.

2. L'oreal Colour Richie Lipsticks

My all-time favorite lipstick to use without the hassle of it actually feeling like a lipstick. I totally can't be without a touch of their nude colour richie lipsticks. 

3. Pixi Beauty

I found out about Pixi Beauty last year and I couldn't believe they have been my go-to products. I could say I am super into blushy cheeks and a soft look. I can 100% rather have a soft look than a smoky eye and this is something I have been able to find with the products Pixi has! 

4. Biore Pore Strips

Save the trip to the facial spa because Biore has your back! Literally, whenever you are low on a budget, or you simply don't have time to make it to the spa use a Biore Charcoal Strip and you will thank me later. You will be surprised with every single blackhead coming out (I find it so satisfying - sorry not sorry)
Leaving your nose like you have no pores whatsoever will shock everyone thinking you have a spa day every single month! I find it one of my favorites due to how easy it is and it is pain-free.

5. Alba Botanica

Another product that has been a lifesaver is Alba Botanica. Their Pimple Patches help me get rid of any pimples that want to come out or that is bugging the life out of me. Every time I try them I can see how the patch helps the pimples reduce in size and they just are easier to extract if you are on the save zone. I actually found their peeling mask to do miracles. I would use it before going to sleep and you would see how your pores literally diminish in a second. 

One thing I love about all of these products is how much they have helped me improve my skincare routine and I am so happy I was able to find them last year. I do not know how life would be without them in 2019!