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The best trip to do for your HoneyMoon

I am back with more blog posts, and of course, many of you are enjoying these series. In order to finalize the rest of the wedding chapters, we need to jump into the HoneyMoon trip.

For you to have the most amazing honeymoon of your dreams, you need to make sure you have the budget for it. In my case, we had to restrict ourselves from a huge wedding in order to also enjoy the rest of our wedding wishlist. This is something I will always advise when it refers to wedding budgeting and honeymoon trips. If you are like us who barely have a chance to go on vacations then make sure to plan the honeymoon of your dreams. There's no doubt it is one of the best experience you both will have together.

Like I mentioned, we barely go on vacation so it was very important to go all out. From the beginning of your wedding chapter, you need to make sure you can either do one or the other or both, even if you can do it all. I can say everything I did came out just better than expected - I truly wanted it to be by not worrying about what others thought. If you need to cut short in the wedding guest list, do so. If you need to cut short in alcohol, do so. Do not let anyone get in between, remember it is YOUR WEDDING. My point, do what makes you happy because if you can do it all at once you will have the best wedding of your dreams.

So back to the trip...My husband and I have never been on a cruise nor have been to the countries we planned on going. I checked into every single cruise line to have an idea of the prices and dates they had available. I went back and forward with other lines but since it was our very first cruise and our honeymoon - why not go all out right? 

This is when I came across Royal Caribbean and we decided to enjoy our honeymoon at their biggest and latest ship The Harmony of the Seas - 7 days/3 countries - St. Marteen, Puerto Rico, Labadee Haiti.  

One important tip from me is to leave the day right after your wedding. Our wedding was a Saturday and on Sunday noon we were already on our way to our trip! There is no point in staying just leave right away and you will thank me later - it was like we were running away from all the chaos every wedding brings.

From the beginning, I wanted a balcony but I wasn't sure if I was ready to have a balcony towards the ocean so we decided to get a balcony regardless but towards the Park Central of the cruise. You get to see what's going on in the outside and when they are playing jazz you can go outside and relax while having your breakfast.

There are so many things to do on the ship (which I will include in my other post). The customer service is one of the BEST ones I've ever received in my entire life. Also, prepare yourself to gain a few pounds from all the food you will eat or if you want to stay fit this ship includes a gym plus an outside racing track all around the ship. My husband and I would love to go all around every time we would eat in order to walk it out.

Tip #1: If you want to enjoy the pool, jacuzzi's, and slides you will have to wake up EXTRA early in order to get yourself a spot or wait until late afternoon to do so because you will have no space if you wake up later than 8AM.

Tip #2: Another advice would be to make sure to not overspend - this is something my husband did while on the ship and he regrets it deeply haha but hey sometimes you want to go all out!

Tip #3: Make sure to go to the continental breakfast, lunch, dinner - the variety of food that they have is insane - the way continental works is by being a buffet with different course meals with anything and everything you would want to eat. Also, you can take your food to your room if you don't want to eat in the restaurant.

Tip #4: Stay fit by getting the stairs - they sure get you worked up but I believe because we did this we didn't gain a pound!

I would be doing a new blog post next week with the activities we did in each country and our suggestions to what you should do if you decide to stop in these countries.


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