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Wedding Chapter 3 - Decor

Last but not least, the decor is my final chapter for this wedding series.

I did not have a wedding planner, everything was decorated by yours truly. As I mentioned from my previous blog posts (Chapter 1 & Chapter 2), you have to know the style you want from the very beginning in order to understand what would match the aesthetic look you are going for.


With the help of Cache Tents from Miami, they were my rental company to everything that I needed. To be honest, they were very responsive with any inquiry I had. As well, their website was the easiest way to search through because they have photos of every item in every category. Also, they were the ONLY BEST ONES with the BEST PRICES in town! I would go back and forward with other companies and their prices were a JOKE! Cache Tents has the most reasonable prices, the quality, and service is TOP! They work with you to your needs and they are super professional.

They provided me with the linens, glasses, chairs, tables, napkins, silverware, and so much more.


Up next, the flower decor from the bouquet, boutonniere, and the tables were from @flowersbyro - she is an angel and she truly exceeded my expectations. Her love for her job shows truthfully from what she does and I can tell you with my eyes closed that she is the one you should definitely work with when it comes to flower decor.

The flower wall was done by @official_miamiflowerwalls - I became one of their ambassadors while I started looking for the best flower walls in Miami and as soon as I reached out to them I brought in ideas on what I was looking for and as easy as it was they came in and set up their wall and it was just as I requested it to be. Their prices were very reasonable which is why I went with them.

For the rest of the decor, you won't believe where I got most of it - simply the Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, and Michael's.

Although, it was a little tedious having to go around with all the decor I was very happy I got to do this on my own with of course the help of my family.

The most important items which I was able to find in these stores were very accessible. Such as, the dollar tree was my go-to for candle holders, and they had some white baskets which I used for the party favors.

In Hobby Lobby, I was able to find the MR&MRS sign, the wedding honey fund box, and some of the flower decorations - let me tell you, they have some beautiful arrangements in which you can find any selection that you are looking for.

In Micheal's, I also found a few of the items I needed such as the wedding garter which was wayyyy cheaper than any other place I looked for them.

If you decide to do your own wedding I believe it is possible it is just very stressful and you need support from all of your family. Without support, you won't be able to do it all!

In order for you to organize and plan everything, you need to know what you want, create a list, do everything by steps, and do it with enough time.