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Wedding Chapter 1 - Photo Session

And we are married!

It has been about a month since we tied the knot and time just keeps flying. If you noticed how absent I have been around here it is due to all the madness from my wedding planning/honeymoon. I believe I haven't shared our story but a little insight we have been dating since we were in high school. If you do the math, it will be 10 years of dating this 2019.

We got engaged in June of last year, and I decided to start checking out venues and make my dream wedding come true by planning accordantly to what I have been dreaming from my Pinterest boards (LOL).

However, there have been many up and downs, happiness, sadness, everything you can think of but we have surpassed everything together and here we are FREAKING married! Like I still haven't gotten used to saying he's my husband but I am so blessed to call him husband.

When we decided to take our photos I knew from the very start Richard from (@richtheshooter) was going to be my guy for our wedding. I have worked with Richard for my blog photos and he knew what style I was going for. If you were to see my Pinterest account you would think I was crazy with all the ideas I had in mind.

One thing I loved about Richard during my wedding guide was how flexible and available he was to make it the best session ever.

Before our wedding, we had met up about 1 month in advanced and I showed my style, color palette, and my vision towards our big day. This helped us completely be on the same page on what I wanted our photos to look like, but of course, I never expected them to be as beautiful as they are.

I changed my mind so many times because let's be honest if you want a decent wedding you are expecting to spend more than $5,000/$10,000 - so I was in between should we just take photos and go on our honeymoon, or should we do both, or maybe a small wedding with family members? I looked everywhere to see what would match my budget because really I didn't have one but yet we didn't want to spend much.

However, your wedding photos have to be in your budget it does not matter what you are going to do. I feel like they capture the most beautiful moment with your partner when you both become one. If you are not going to have a wedding at least have a once in a lifetime professional photo with the love of your life, dress in your beautiful white gown and have the memories forever.


In order to have an amazing photo session, you need to follow the next steps:

1. You have to plan your day accordingly, but do know that regardless of it all nothing will go as you planned. However, make sure you are always an hour in advance just in case something gets in the way.
2. Have a supportive family who will help you throughout your day.
3. Make sure your photographer has assistants who will make sure you are looking your best during the sessions or have a friend/family with you.
4. Take extra makeup to your session because you will need to do a few retouches such as lipstick or eyeliner.
5. Take deodorant, perfume, and sandals - You will be sweating, mainly if it is bright and early when the sun has no mercy. As well as, having an extra pair of sandals will help you not get as tired in some of the sessions where you are not going to need the use of your heels.

These are very important factors to take into consideration when you are going to do your wedding photos. I still have so much more to share which I will during this whole week - there are 3 chapters for my wedding series blog posts so keep coming back :) Plus, I will also record a video telling you my wedding story. Have a great day and stay smiling!