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Wedding Chapter 2 - Makeup & Dress

Happy Tuesday Y'all,

I am in the means of moving this week so just guess the mess I have surrounding myself. I am so excited about new beginnings and a new chapter in my life.

Today, I will be telling you all about my dress and makeup from my wedding day.


The very first thing you need to do in order to find your dream dress is by simply knowing the style you want. As I told you in my previous blog post, everything I visioned was through Pinterest which was the source that helped me find out the style I was looking forward to.

There are 3 important key factors when it comes to picking out your dress. These are:

1. Budget
2. Style
3. Venue

In order to pick your budget, you need to know the style range price of your dress. I knew from the very start my dress was going to be a little more than what I expected. However, I came in with a reasonable budget which every dress I was scamming through would catch my attention was over the budget I had originally set up.

Then your stylist decides to get you into the dressing room with your top choices and this is when it is up to you which dress makes you feel like a princess. I've always been into mermaid dresses when it comes to weddings but I felt like it wasn't meant to be. My point here is even if you like a style does not mean it will be the one for you so always have different styles to try on because yours is in there.

When I found the one I just knew. I felt like a doll, I literally cried when I said YES TO THE DRESS!

One important thing to know when you are going to pick your dress is knowing the venue and style you want it to look like. Since I was not going to have a church wedding, it was more of a garden/vintage style (which everything changed unexpectedly, video coming soon with my wedding story) I decided not to get a veil just because of how my style of the wedding was. However, you should have an extra budget for tailoring because it can sum up and you need to either go with the tailor from the store or find one yourself. In my case, I had to get my dress fitted and fix from the bottom since with the heels the dress was still way too long.

The twist here was I found a tailored where he helped me not only with those details but take my dress to the next level. This dress was actually strapless (I KNOW RIGHT?!) When I got the dress it had a cape which I didn't really like but it still came with it so I had to get it regardless. So after I got my dress, I had some double thoughts by looking at other dresses with sleeves and I wanted to get one with sleeves but they were way over my budget. Well, when I found my tailor he gave me the brilliant idea to turn the cape into sleeves...I WAS IN SHOCK! We did a sample of how it would look like and I decided to give it a go because I was loving the way it looked so it gave me more confidence to getting a closer style to what I was looking for. And this is how my dream dress came about. Never worry about not finding your perfect dress because a designer or tailor can provide you with your vision come to life!


As you can tell from the photos you might think I was crazy to do my own makeup. However, I actually didn't think this was going to be the case but after the drastic change to where I am going to tell you the story on my coming up Wedding Story, you would know why I had to do it in my case.
However, I felt very confident I was going to be able to do it since I can say I know what to do when it comes to doing my own makeup. Funny story, I couldn't even glue my fake eyelashes but thank god I have very long lashes which I didn't really need them at all and you couldn't really tell. If you feel very confident about doing your own makeup then I say go for it! This is a good tip to saving yourself some extra bucks. I feel like it was more special to me because I had much time to dedicate to myself and perfection everything I was doing. If you are looking to do your makeup with a makeup artist there are many out there with such a beautiful talent that I know would make you look like a princess. For the hair, my husband's aunt did it since she is a hairstylist and she did such an amazing job, plus also the hairpins made such a beautiful statement.

I hope this blog post helps you towards your beautiful big day. Just know that as long as you are happy with your own decisions everything will just find its own way. Have a great day and stay smiling :)