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La Isla del Encanto - Puerto Rico / Harmony of the Seas Royal Caribbean

Our next stop is, PUERTO RICO! La Isla del Encanto, and to be honest this was one of my favorite stops from the whole trip.

For PR, we did not do any of the excursions just because since we were in Old San Juan/Viejo San Juan we wanted to really be able to enjoy the country and explore everything for ourselves.
Old San Juan is a very small part of Puerto Rico where Royal Caribbean stops. As soon as you get to the terminal the streets of Puerto Rico are right there for you to explore.

We were so happy we were able to enjoy the country and actually roam the streets while also enjoying the culture around us. I didn't feel like it was dangerous and there are many things you can do while going all around. Puerto Rico has many areas where brings a lot of history into this area of San Juan. However, you can also go into the museums and get a tour for yourself.

Puerto Rico is surrounded by the ocean and you get to see some beautiful views.
We had ice cream of Passion Fruit and we just really fell in love with the architecture. I can easily say Puerto Rico reminded me of my own country (Cuba). Although, we all know PR is way advanced and their structures are way modern. It made me feel like home.

However, one of the reasons we also decided to enjoy the city rather than do an excursion was because the time we were staying in PR was way less than the other countries. After going all around we decided to have some real Puerto Rico food and we stopped by "Hecho en Casa" which I can easily say their service was very punctual and their food was exquisite. The prices are not bad at all, it was sort of the same as eating for two here in the U.S. I really liked this specific restaurant because it was in a corner and it had the doors open which would give you the beautiful view of the outside of the city (see photos attached).

We were able to walk the whole city in less than two hours (taking our time ofc) and we sat and ate for another. Also, for this trip when we stopped in PR it was 7am but it was actually raining which it cut some hours for us since we left the boat around 10ish and we were supposed to be back before 2pm which really shows how little time you have to explore. However, I did not think it was going to be worth waking up so early for the reason for the rain and during such time there was nothing open. I believe it would be way worth it if we would have gotten an excursion which it would be something we can probably see ourselves doing next time we visit.