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Nursery Bedroom Tour

And it’s finally up! If you haven’t seen the whole video - head to my IG (@lauriir18) and you can watch it all in full depth. I wanted to provide full on details on how this nursery turned out with their respective links!

In the beginning, I can totally understand how we can get overwhelmed with every single decor we see in our Pinterest boards and magazines. But at the end of the day, with those little inspirations you will end up with the style you want or even better.
This inspiration started when I saw the hanging butterflies on a Homedepot flyer which really caught my attention. I was actually looking at colors to paint one of the walls and although I didn't end up doing the wall I did get the idea from this flyer to find where the butterflies were from.
So this is where the idea started and I want to say thank you to my boss for gifting me them - keep an eye out for them bc they usually go on sale - I believe it was $53 and she was able to get it for $25. Such a steal!

Pottery Barn Kids - Pink Paper Butterflies

After I hung the butterflies I saw how empty the wall looked but I really didn't want to add anything too overexposed so I decided to get her name in gold letters - I got mine from Etsy, very inexpensive since the wood ones are over $60!

Etsy - Letters 

When it comes to the crib since I needed as much storage as possible I decided to go with the simple Graco Crib where you can find at Target. They delivered it to us and it was very easy to put together. 
The extra storage in the bottom I use it for the mattress sheets, blankets, and swaddles.

The sheet I got it from Etsy at SugarHouseSwaddles
The material I got is stretchy jersey and I really love how detailed the flowers are and how soft the sheet is!

Like I mentioned in my IG stories - we had to create storage by adding a mini closet and a 6-drawer cabinet because the closet in her room is full of my clothes just for the mean time.
Unfortunately, the master bedroom closet is so small that my hubby takes up the whole space. And back then, her room used to be my beauty room which is why I didn’t mind having my closet in another room. However, now I am just utilizing the space for the meantime until we transition her. 

For the meantime, her closet and drawer were purchased at Ikea - what I love is that I can change the knobs at anytime and give it another style which is something I’m looking forward to. 

I decided to leave my vanity in this room since she’s still so small and she won’t need the space until she’s fully crawling and walking but when she transitions I am going to get rid of some of the furniture and probably add it to my room - *see inspiration*

This is what I have envision and I think it would look so cute!

Many people told me not to get a changing table since usually it is easier to change them anywhere but with the way my back is set up I really couldn’t pass this - I needed to get it and let me tell you it helps so much plus it also helps for extra storage as well. Believe me I changed her once in my bed just to have a quick changing in the middle of the night and my back just couldn’t handle it so I am so happy I didn’t listen and I got it regardless! 

Last but not least, the Lovevery play gym is one of my favorites! This mat is completely made with organic products and also all of the items are wood. The fact behind wooden toys is they last longer and they are safer. This play gym includes black and white cards for their early development. One thing I really loved about this play gym is how it has a manual for each month activities. 

I hope you enjoyed this mini tour of her nursery! I can’t wait to show you how this room will grow with her and show you everything we do together.
I have attached all the links to every single one of the items in case you want to check them out. 

Once again, if you want to watch the video, head to my IG - @Lauriir18

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