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Things to know before your 3rd Trimester

Happy New Year!

I am very excited about this new year starting and soon I will be having my baby girl in my arms. Time really flew by and to think I will have a child has me excited but anxious at the same time.

Everything you need to know about your third trimester will be in this post. I can easily say I have experienced everything.

1. Your feet would get swollen so before you hit the third trimester try to reduce your intake in salty foods and stop eating any carbs. This can cause an increase in protein in your urine and we do not want that.

2. Preeclampsia and Glucose Intolerance. During this trimester you will have to take a Glucose test which they would give you a little bottle to drink and then wait for an hour to get your blood drawn. Depending on the results they might have you on a specific diet. I have a friend who had this result come positive and they also made her take another test with a longer period of fasting. Thankfully, my results came back negative so this was not needed.
However, I did get preeclampsia scared - I did get some protein in my urine and my pressure was easily raised for some of the visits when I would go to the doctor. Thankfully, my doctor took great precautions and decided to monitor my pressure for a whole weekend. Since I did not have any of the other symptoms of preeclampsia we just kept monitoring everything and they checked me 3 days later and the protein in the urine was gone.

I can tell you that probably what altered this was I remember eating a lot of carbs such week and I believe it was due to that my pressure and urine were showcasing these results. So stay away from these carbs as delicious as they are and remain a low sodium intake. Preeclampsia is nothing to play with so take this into consideration.

3. Contractions - you will feel some uncomfortable pains daily but this just means your body is getting ready for birth. Your sciatic nerve will be pinching all day long and you will start to waddle lol

4. Drink a lot of water - At least a gallon a day. You want to make sure you stay hydrated and giving enough fluids for your baby.

5. Do your 3D ultrasound around 30 weeks - I waited too long and it was so hard to get her, she was so big and sleeping which made her feel comfortable and trying to wake her up was a mission. Try to eat breakfast before you make it to your appointment so your baby can be alert. If you are in the Miami area I recommend Pancitas.

6. Maternity shoot - I really really recommend doing your maternity shoot. It is a beautiful memory you will have with your significant other and having those gorgeous photos with your belly will always remind you of how incredible your pregnancy was. But please do not wait like me until the last of last - I am 36 weeks and I felt so bloated, swollen, and it was sure of a hassle. If you can do it earlier it would be best if you do so plus you will look even better!

And with this I will end my trimester stories, I really hope you enjoyed them. I can't wait to share my birth story and a nursery reveal. Until now, have a great week and I will see you guys soon :)