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What to expect in your second trimester?

Hello! It has been quite the journey during my second trimester and by now I am already saying goodbye - I started my third trimester this week and just the thought of getting to know baby girl in less than 12 weeks has me way too excited and emotional!

I went on Instastories this weekend and many of you liked my story of how I got pregnant and my 1st-trimester story. I would be doing the same as my previous post since you guys liked it so much! This time we will be talking about what you could expect from your second trimester. To be honest, every woman is different and every symptom varies. However, from the apps, I've been recently using I can tell you I have experienced everything they have said.

2nd Trimester

I can easily say the scariest months were from week 10 to week 14 because it is when all the blood work is done and they are many important ultrasounds that they have to do in order to make sure the baby is healthy.

Ever since the nausea started in my first trimester it kept going and going until week 16 but yet during week 18, the nausea came back. However, it was only during that week and ever after that thankfully I haven't thrown up again. (Crossing my fingers it doesn't come back in my last trimester)


1- Naps every single day after work. You get tired out of nowhere but of course, the baby is creating himself/herself - it definitely takes a toll on you and you feel extremely drained!
2- Oily face - I have dry skin which when I noticed how oily my face was getting throughout the day I couldn't even handle it. I would have to wash my face constantly.
3- As soon as your nausea goes away you will start seeing those baby gain.
4- I experienced sciatic pain during my second trimester, it was for just one day but it was very painful.
5- You will feel the urge to shower more than 3 times in a day.
6- You will notice your boobs to have some green veiny lines - this means your body is getting ready to produce milk!
7- One of the most exciting and realistic was when my linea nigra started to show! It definitely makes you feel like this is happening!
8- I haven't had any cravings so far.
9- The second trimester is also very exciting because you get to find out the gender of your baby!
10- The closer you get to the middle of your pregnancy, your bump starts to show off.
11- You won't need to buy maternity clothes until about month 6. Wear your normal clothes and do not spend money on maternity clothes. If you feel like your clothes are not fitting properly just buy the basics. I ended up getting some clothes from a friend who was recently pregnant and she gave me some maternity pants. After seeing my belly growing even bigger I went ahead and I purchase some more of them because of how comfortable they truly are!
12- Your panties will not fit you anymore - time to get some new pairs!
13- During this trimester I did experience a little of swollen feet so what I would mainly do is make sure I would wear the right appropriate shoes and elevate my legs as much as I could in order to make sure they were resting.

Like I said, probably you might not even feel anything of what I felt or you might do! Everybody is different which it is what makes it a unique experience for all of us.

If you are currently expecting - Congratulations! You will love this journey.
If you are currently struggling to get pregnant - Do not think about it too much, just let it happen, take care of yourself, and your bundle of joy will be here with you soon.
If you are not even ready or you are planning in a few years - Work on yourself, prepare yourself, educate yourself - enjoy life and take care of yourself.

Until next post,