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We're having a BABY - First Trimester

Hello, after I was able to finish all of the honeymoon posts which they were very much delayed, I am sitting down here to let you know that WE'RE HAVING A BABY!

I've been more active on Instagram and I've been telling you all about it from the very beginning. However, I wanted to write a little more about my first trimester to give you an insider of what really went down and I will upload some Instagram stories to give you more in-depth.

The process:

It all began when I found out I had PCOS. I always knew something was wrong with my period because I would never get it constantly but after sitting down and realizing how irregular I really was then that's when I started to worry. Every girl has that deep thought once in her lifetime - Am I able to conceive? Are my ovaries working properly? 
Sometimes we are too afraid to go to a doctor but really first you have to come down to what you really have in order to start working on it. So I decided to get myself checked out - I was right, there was something wrong and it was VERY WRONG.

I had a transvaginal ultrasound where they found not one but more than 7 cysts in each of my ovaries. I was literally freaking out! Then I got blood drawn to check my hormones in order to see what was the cause of me not ovulating other than having PCOS. Research has shown one in 10 women is experiencing PCOS. I never really worried about it before because really no one likes their period, but mine was very different - it would be very painful when it would come and it would barely come within months. 

After getting my results back, we realized that one of the hormones was very high which is the one not allowing me to ovulate. 

I was afraid because who knew how long it would take me to get pregnant or IF I am even possible to do so. 

There are many ways to fix PCOS but it is a longtime friend who will live with us forever but it is very treatable. The doctors would recommend you pills to take (which I did) for about 1 month but the side effects were way too much and it wasn't even controlling the hormone that was causing this problem. So I decided to stop and find another way.

I found a vitamin supplement for women (you can send me an email and I can tell you more about it) and I drank it for a few months which helped me see my period for 1 month and the following month I was already pregnant!!! Isn't that insane?! Also, I followed many women on Instagram who also have PCOS and they helped me realized and understand how PCOS works and what I need to do in order to have a regular period. One of my favorite ones is: @pcos.weightloss and @pcos_to_wellness

After receiving such incredible news all my worries were out of my mind and I can't wait to share with you my experience. 


My memory of my first trimester is not a very pretty one but I would love for you to be prepared and to probably see some of the signs I didn't even realize meant I was pregnant. Of course, this is my own experience and everyone's body is very different.

Symptoms before I even knew I was pregnant:

  • I would feel hot at night time
  • Body odor
  • Tired at all times
  • Fatigue, difficulty breathing, and talking
  • Excess saliva

After the first month, it was when everything got even worse. Nausea and vomiting started right at 10 weeks pregnant. I would crave COLD WATER! I guess with the excess of saliva it was just a very weird feeling and cold water would help it (I don't even know why). My nausea would begin from the very moment I would wake up but it did not become a morning sickness, however, the vomiting would start after having my lunch which would be the worse ever. There were many times that I threw up my complete lunch meal. If I was able to hold it after my lunch I would eventually end up throwing up in the evening. 

My advice - ALWAYS eat something, every 2 hours, because throwing up on an empty stomach it's the WORSE feeling ever. You will literally end up throwing up the acid and it is NOT a good time.

Other than that, you will feel a little pinch under your belly. This is your uterus stretching to help the baby grow into your tummy. It wouldn't be painful but you definitely will feel it.

However, after all, I do not know what happens that when I turned my week 16th, the nausea and vomiting went away out of nowhere. 

I can easily say it was the toughest trimester and do not worry I will be sharing how my 2nd trimester is going. Just remember to enjoy every single moment of it!

Until next post! Xx


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